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Quality and Grade of Stainless Steel Clothes Pegs

    Best eco friendly pegs in nzRecently we have come across some other stainless steel clothes pegs out there. Sometimes more affordable prices, sometimes more pricey. 
I just wanted to explain the differences and quality of stainless steel and our quality pegs.

Many people don't know there are a few grades of stainless steel. 201, 304, 316 and many more different grades.  

Many people think all stainless steel is rust proof, but it's not. SS 201 is susceptible to rust and corrosion, 304 is standard stainless steel, 316 is so-called marine grade which is the most rust resistant. 

Our standard peg size is 60mm x 1.8mm wire diameter and 304. And we have bigger & thicker wires in 304 and marine grade 316. We don't stock any 201 grade pegs.

We have trialed SS 201 and 55mm x 1.6mm wire diameter and I have found them getting rusty after a few weeks and they are very small and not strong enough to hold the clothes in the wind, nor holding the denim etc... Also some pegs from other suppliers that we trialed had poorer finishing and other quality issues.

Rusty stainless steel 201 clothes pegs                                                                                                                      SHOP NOW
Weight comparison 
  • 20 of 55mm x 1.6mm pegs 201, weigh 130gm - ie from Aliexpress
  • 20 of our standard pegs 304, 60mm x 1.8mm weigh 156gm
  • 20 of our marine pegs 316, 59mm 2mm weigh 200gm

I had found the 201, 55mm pegs were about half price of 304, 60mm size but we thought they did not meet our expectation. 
And we have chosen the best quality supplier.
At Bento Ninja, we are proud of our quality pegs and products. We would like to continue to deliver the best quality, environmentally friendly products at accessible prices. To ensure you are getting the best quality stainless steel clothes pegs, look for the Bento Ninja brand. 

Happy washing everyone :) 

Best quality stainless steel clothes pegs nz

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