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forever pegs nz
Forever Pegs nz
Forever pegs nz
Forever Pegs NZ
Forever Pegs NZ

"FOREVER PEGS" Ultimate Peg Pack

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This Ultimate Peg Pack is everything you need to hang your whole house washings up at the discounted price!! FOREVER PEGS for your household needs. 

If you don't know which size pegs you should get, this pack is just what you need. 

2 bags x STANDARD Size Pegs (40pc) 
1 bag x TOUGH Size Pegs (20pc)
1 bag x  SUMO Size Pegs (10pc) 

Total of 70 pegs, which should be plenty for the family washing including thick denim, jacket and brolly sheets ;) 

 All pegs are stainless steel 304

** Please wash pegs regularly (every couple of months) to keep them clean. Foreign contaminants such as salt, dust, spider webs, bird droppings etc could cause minor surface rust.   
** If you live near the sea, it is recommended to bring them inside.
** If you live within 500m or so of the sea or high sulfur regions, we recommend MARINE GRADE pegs. 

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