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Is stainless steel sustainable?

How sustainable is stainless steel?
Why do we only sell stainless steel products?
Because stainless steel is one of the most sustainable, safe, reusable everyday material. I've got some facts for you all :)
Stainless steel is made from a mixture of other metals which often uses scrap metal as its primary raw material, with up to 70% of the product coming from recycled material.
Stainless steel is theoretically 100% recyclable. Even rusted metal or rusted stainless steel (happens on low-grade stainless steel) are recyclable.
Painted SS can be recycled but not easily. PVD coating (Often they are rainbow, gold, rose gold and black colour) SS is recyclable as is.
The more that is recycled, the less of those elements that need to be mined which means less environmental damage associated with mining operations, not to mention the major energy savings in recycling. Stainless steel can be recycled without any degradation – this means products made from 100% recycled stainless steel are viable.
Stainless steel does not leach any nasty chemicals when temperatures change, does not need any coating like aluminum when touching acidic food or drinks.
Stainless steel is easily sterilized, and lasts forever when cared properly.
Unlike plastic or glass products stainless steel products are often repairable. Mr. Ninja is a stainless steel fabricator. So we do repair clips on our lunchboxes or sock hangers for free. (if anything bad happens!)
As we all know recycling plastic is not an answer. Tempered glass is not recyclable, nor broken glass in nz.
To me, stainless steel products are the most sensible choice. Ideally naked stainless steel or PVD coating only.
When it comes to the end of life (ie; SS parts came off from other products, broken pegs etc) please collect them to take to local scrap metal dealers or metal fabricators. 💜🌏🌳🌈

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