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New Ceramics!

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Based on 1390 reviews
Stainless Steel Dish Rack
Liz Y (Auckland, NZ)
Stainless Steel Dishrack

Great dishrack - fits a lot of crockery and pots and pans. Haven't used the stainless bottom tray yet but am sure it will come in handy sometime.

Great pegs

The pegs are everything you need them to be. They aren't too stiff, and they held up well in the Wellington wind. Best pegs I've ever bought

Stainless Steel Squeegee
Hannah (Hamilton, NZ)
lasts the distance

I bought one well over a year ago, and just bought another one for our 2nd bathroom. the year old one is still in immaculate condition and looks like will last forever at this point.

Love this drink bottle!

I am a big user of 'water-sucking' drink bottles. The straw nozzle that you can choose really satisfies this need of mine, because I hate being poured over with water when I"m trying to drink on a hurry or even when I'm multitasking! 650ml is more than enough. Some coverage on the straw mouthpiece would be ideal for hygiene, but over all I wouldn't use any other drink bottle.

Water Bottle 1.5L

These bottles are great.
They keep your drinks so nice and chilled for hours. Amd even long if you add Ice.
The Pohutukawa Red is such a nice colour, so glad I waited for this colour.

Stainless Steel Freezer Container
Nga Nguyen (Christchurch, NZ)
Can't have enough of these

The box works great for everything, holding left over food, cookies, freezer. I am in the process of transitioning away from plastic boxes and it has been difficult until now due to high prices of stainless steel boxes.

Excited about pegs!

Finally own some great quality pegs that should last for a very long time.

Stainless Steel Dish Rack
Keith Coelho Coelho (Auckland, NZ)
Good serviice

Yep the service and stainless steel dish rack was good.

Rainbow pegs

I am going to use the rainbow pegs in my kitchen. Love them

Stainless Steel Dish Rack
Bernadette Harris (Auckland, NZ)
Good dish rack

I like the 2 levels and the cutlery basket although its not quite big enough when I was a lot of bigger dishes such as my cake tins or my casserole dishes.

Makes Life So Much Easier!

I ordered 2 last month and they are amazing! We are a family of 4--2 adults, 2 children and use both of them. So much less bending and hanging, the smalls are all in one place! We use the first one for the first wash of the day, and then the 2nd one for later in the day, and I LOVE how I can just bring them in if not completely dry. I love how this style can be left outside without rusting. Quality, and folds down and hangs flat on a hook on the laundry wall for the next wash. Thanks for such a great quality product, I'm telling everyone about them!

Love these pegs

Excellent pegs, love the colour too! Much easier to see than the silver.


Love my new pegs - just waiting for more of my old plastic ones to deteriorate, so I have an excuse for buying more FOREVER PEGS 😉 .

Eco Paper Packaging Tape Self-Adhesive
Cecily Mckay (Dunedin, NZ)
Awesome for preserves!

I got this after a suggestion from a preserving page I follow. Its been fantastic for labeling as can be written on. Its also just a good all round cellotape replacement. Will be buying again


Love my forever pegs!! They hold onto all the washing even in the wind.

Leak-proof Round Container
Pauline Henley (Huia, NZ)
Perfectly formed

Absolutely love this product perfect in every way. Perfect size, perfectly made looks perfect. I may need to come back for the large one too 😊

Stainless Steel Chopsticks 4pair Set
Johanna (Bay of Plenty, NZ)
Beautiful products

Beautiful, good quality product. Feel nice to hold and grippy enough to make picking food up easy.

Great pegs

These are great pegs, work fine even on fairly heavy items and so much better than plastic ones!

Perfect for my active toddler

My daughter's previous bottle had been through lots of damage and was starting to leak constantly so it was time for an upgrade. This is perfect for her, a great size and the straw lid is so much better, so easy for her to drink on-the-go and we don't have to worry about it leaking in her bag. Highly recommended!

Love Forever Pegs

Glad we took the plunge and got the ultimate pack, these pegs are the best. Great on clothes, last very well, all we will ever use from now.

Ella (Nelson, NZ)
The Sushi

Loving The Sushi container. So easy to use, much prefer to my previous one (s different make) which although watertight was incredibly difficult to open with the clips, hurt my fingers and was also very heavy, this is FAB, very user friendly, just be careful not to put any sauce etc... in this!!

Bento Ninja Lunchbox System 18 x 13 x 11cm or 8cm
Sharlie morton Morton (Christchurch, NZ)
Great lunchbox

So good and kids love it

Not as good as the first lot

I bought these pegs a couple of years back , super strong! So finally got around to buying more.
Surprised to see the difference in quality - thinner and not as strong. Clothes don’t stay in place with these latest pegs. They’re just not as firm a or strong enough. I probably won’t use them as much as the first lot, especially if it’s windy.
On the plus side, they’re plastic free and will probably last for a very long time, like my mums old wooden pegs

Hi Jan,

Thank you for your recent purchase of the pegs and taking the time to write a review for us. I'm sorry to hear that you're disappointed with the strength or the pegs.

I just wanted to explain why.

In 2018, you have purchased our Marine grade pegs which we only had them in TOUGH size. Now we have marine grade pegs in STANDARD size and TOUGH size.
This time on 6th April you have ordered the STANDARD size which is a lot smaller and softer grip than TOUGH ones.
Prices are $8 difference at $27.95 and $19.95

We also have the size explanation on our product listing.
TOUGH; 5.9cm x 1.5cm, 2mm wire diameter -

Suitable for everyday clothes to thicker & heavy items such as socks, denim, jackets, bath mats to duvet in wind. Not suitable for delicate or thin items(potentially slide around or make faint peg marks).

If you live in particularly windy regions, we recommend TOUGH pegs.

STANDARD; 5.8cm x 1.5cm, 1.7mm wire diameter - Suitable for delicate items such as organza, lingeries, to bath towels in wind. Not suitable for denim or bath mat in wind. '

Anyhow, you could swap with the TOUGH size if you wish.
Or we could offer a small discount on the next purchase if you wish to order more TOUGH size.

Let me know your thoughts.
Kind regards,

Ultimate Ninja Pack
Jackie (Auckland, NZ)
Great school lunchbox

Purchased one for each daugher after they got sick of apple crumble leaking in previous box. They have declared this non leaking so a success. Great that it can be used just top layer for smaller items/days and full version fir larger lunch. Snack containers hold yogurt without leaking. An expensive initial outlay but will serve girls for a number of years so will be worth it.

Great containers

These are great extra container for in lunchbox or to take as a snack container. So great that it is leakproof.