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"FOREVER PEGS®" Marine grade Stainless Steel Clothes Pegs

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FOREVER PEGS® - Simply The Best Pegs -  

Are you sick of breaking plastic clothes pegs? Need to replace them every year? 
Too lazy to bring the pegs inside? Marine Grade Stainless Clothes Pegs are your answer!

These stainless steel pegs look small yet they are mighty strong!! It can hold jeans and double layered pants in the wind, no problem. It also can hold very thin & delicate clothes securely. 
High-quality stainless steel spring wire pegs are your lifesaver. No need to replace them every year.

These MARINE GRADE pegs are made to last forever. Ultimate FOREVER PEGS.   
This is the grade recommended to use if you live within 500m from the sea, high sulfur regions or with high chlorine water. They will NOT get rusty under harsh conditions. 

They even come in handy reusable cotton cloth bags. You can reuse the bag for buying nuts, seeds, snacks or a small amount of fruit. 

Stainless steel 316

TOUGH; 5.9cm x 1.5cm, 2mm wire diameter -

Suitable for everyday clothes to thicker  & heavy items such as socks, denim, jackets, bath mats to duvet in wind. Not suitable for delicate or thin items(potentially slide around or make faint peg marks). 

If you live in particularly windy regions, we recommend TOUGH pegs. 

STANDARD; 5.8cm x 1.5cm, 1.7mm wire diameter - Suitable for delicate items such as organza, lingeries, to bath towels in wind. Not suitable for denim or bath mat in wind. 

Both are still all-rounder only matter for extremely delicate items (ie organza) and thick items (ie duvet/cushion/denim). 

**Sample pack available, 1 sample pack per product per person please. Sample pack is wrapped in a compostable cellophane bag.    

* Lifetime warranty subject to conditions see warranty page  

Customer Reviews

Based on 148 reviews
Maxine Poole (Nelson, NZ)
Excellent Pegs

I bought some more just to keep my supply up. They are great. Hold the washing on fine, even when it's windy. Won't ever go back to plastic.

Bee Helg (Auckland, NZ)
Pegs Pegs

So good to have ditched the plastic ugly pegs and use these stainless steel ones. They are fabulous and all uniformed in my clothes line.

Jo (Dunedin, NZ)
Great Pegs

These are my second purchase and they are fantastic - they never wear out.

yvonne McLaren (Auckland, NZ)
Great value

Really stoked on quality and will buy another couple of packs as they are much kinder to clothes, I would love a larger size for clothes racks that have wider racks to clip on to but genuinely recommend them.

Alison Molloy (Auckland, NZ)
Forever Pegs

While all my other pegs end up brittle and snap I can leave the Forever Pegs out on the line and they remain as strong as the day they arrived.

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Rachael Koelmeyer (Auckland, NZ)
BentoNinja Sushi Box a perfect present

Our ecologically minded teenager adores this box - a gratefully received present, that arrived super quick & carefully packaged.

Ultimate Ninja Pack
Natalie Ockhuysen
Large Ultimate Ninja Pack

Bought 2 of these for the kids for Christmas! Love them can't wait to start using them and get some also. Great customer service too

"FOREVER PEGS®" Ultimate Peg Pack
Meli Stewart (Auckland, NZ)

Such great pegs, I love these. Who’d have thought pegs could be exciting? But they are. Nice feel to them, perfect springiness and love that there are different sizes. Great product!

Sleek and effective!

I having been using my squeegee for a couple of weeks now and am loving it! It is high quality and looks so much nicer than any plastic squeegees, and works amazingly too. Highly recommend!


I like everything about these chopsticks. They aren’t slippery so they’re really easy to use, they’re solid, high quality and beautiful. I bought the multi colored set, but my children fought over the rainbow ones, so I bought an extra set of rainbows too. 🤪 I also bought a set to gift and I will definitely be ordering more. They’re a quality gift that you can be proud to give.