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Is stainless steel sustainable?

How sustainable is stainless steel?   Why do we only sell stainless steel products?   Because stainless steel is one of the most sustainable, safe, reusable everyday material. I've got some facts for you all :)   Stainless steel is made from a mixture of other metals which often uses scrap metal as its primary raw material, with up to 70% of the product coming from recycled material.   Stainless steel is theoretically 100% recyclable. Even rusted metal or rusted stainless steel (happens on low-grade stainless steel) are recyclable.   Painted SS can be recycled but not easily. PVD coating (Often they are rainbow, gold, rose gold and black colour) SS is recyclable as is.   The more that is...

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Do you have Bento Ninja's fabulous stainless steel pegs? Have you been using them for over 6 months? Do you leave them outside on the line? Have you ever washed them? If you've never washed them, its time to wash! But how do I wash pegs?? 🤔   Here is the care instruction for the pegs.    High-quality stainless steel should not get rusted easily, however dust, dirt, salt, spider webs, bird 💩 etc other material surface contamination can cause stainless steel to be tarnished, tea stained or minor surface rust. Usually it happens around bends, spring, or cut end, where machinery touched or above dirt has built up. We recommend you to wash them every couple of months to...

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WHY Bento Ninja?

WHY Bento Ninja?Bento Ninja is a family owned NZ business based in Christchurch. Husband is a stainless steel fabricator, we have a strong connection and understanding of stainless steel products.We are the original stainless steel clothes peg brand in NZ. Other brands’ pegs are often smaller and skinnier wires than Bento Ninja’s pegs. Our pegs come in cotton cloth bags from the supplier. No plastic in sight.Our lunchboxes, meal plates etc are made with premium grade stainless steel 304, unlike other brands’ are often made with a lesser grade of stainless steel 201. As the husband being a stainless steel fabricator, if there were some faults or breakage with the lunchboxes, we can repair them for free rather than throwing away to...

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FOREVER PEGS® - The Best Eco Friendly Clothes Pegs in NZ

Stainless Steel Clothes Pegs are an eco friendly alternative to plastic clothes pegs. They are durable, reusable and they last for a long time. At Bento Ninja we have varieties of sizes and grades of stainless steel clothes pegs. But how do you choose the peg for you? Which size do you need and what's the difference between 304 and 316? What does that even mean? Let me explain the world of best plastic free and eco friendly pegs to you.

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