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Stainless Steel Pegs NZ

Eco-friendly & sustainable "FOREVER PEGS®" for everyone

FOREVER PEGS® for your life

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Innovative and versatile stainless steel bento lunchbox

Bento Ninja Lunchbox System

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Premium quality, sturdy & stylish using marine grade stainless steel + PVD coating

Rainbow Pegs™

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2 layers with the rectangular container design provides excellent flexibility to unleash your Bento creativity!

Large capacity, total of 2000ml+250ml

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Accessories add more versatility

Customizable for your needs

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Are you sick of broken lunchbox? Enjoy Bento Ninja Lunchbox's

Durable Premium quality stainless steel

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Introducing Bento Ninja's premium quality "FOREVER PEGS®"


Innovative and versatile stainless steel Bento Ninja Lunchbox Sysytem


Express your identity & be stylish!


How to open and close Bento Ninja Lunchbox

World first innovative & versatile stainless steel lunchbox system

Bento Ninja grows with your lifestyle from young to mature, and adapt your style of cuisine. Bento Ninja lunchbox system is designed to last for your whole bento life.

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