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Leave only Footprints - Zero Waste Travel Essentials

Discover New Zealand and boost our tourism economy in Aotearoa while keeping Zero Waste on the road.

Leaving a trail of wrappers, plastic and disposable items in our wake while traveling is something to avoid, especially in New Zealand where the movement to create a cleaner greener Aotearoa is currently happening. Sometimes of course waste is inevitable when we are journeying about, especially when it comes to plane travel, but being mindful and reducing your overall waste is an incredible way to respect the land that you are traveling in.

Waste Reducing Food and Drink Travel Essentials

  •  Reusable bags that are easy to clean and come in a range of sizes. These can also be fantastic for planes and you can wrap your more fragile items in your suitcase in your reusable bags. 
  • Reusable Stainless Steel Spork from Bento Ninja – This is a fantastic way to save on single use plastic forks or spoons when traveling. Keeping one in your backpack, car or handbag is a great way to always have it on hand when out and about.
  • Reusable containers (the Snack and Dip 3 Cup Set and Bento Ninja Lunchbox System are perfect for snacks when traveling).
  •  Shop at bakeries, fruit shops and bulk bin places if you can while traveling – Stocking up on some bakery items for a couple of days travel or some packaging free fruit can give you some great snacks to eat. Ask if your bakery items can be placed directly into your Bento Ninja containers and don’t forget your reusable bags at the fruit shop.
  •  Reusable water bottle and coffee cup Needless to say, take your own, always. 
  •  Food Waste for Compost - See if you can find compost/food scrap collection points along the way. Many Motels and hotels have small food scrap collection buckets in the rooms now and you can join Share Waste and connect with like-minded individuals across nz where you can drop off your food scraps.
  • Say no to Straws – Say no to single use straws while traveling and either bring your own Bento Ninja straw or drink straight form the cup.

Zero-Waste Toiletries
          Travel soap carry case                  Travel shampoo bar container                    Zero waste travel toiletry kit

  • Both the Snack and Dip 3 Cup Set and Bento Ninja Lunchbox System are fantastic travel containers for keeping your toiletries in. Easy to wipe down, they will keep your items from being squished and crushed while traveling.
  •  Reusable face scrubbie or facecloth
  •  Toothpaste tabs (you can just take as many as you need for the time you are away).
  •  Solid toiletries such as solid shampoo, deodorant and facewash are fantastic as you can cut them to size (small for a short trip for example) which cuts down on the many plastic bottles but also is a fantastic space saver.
  • Use items for a double purpose - For example, facial oil can double as a makeup remover which also, reduces the amount of items you bring. A solid shampoo can double as a body wash in a pinch and your Bento ninja lunchbox can be used as a toiletry container while traveling and then a lunchbox for day trips.

Other tips for travel

  • Bring along a couple of beeswax wraps or fabric sandwich bags to save half-eaten snacks or sandwiches.
  • Choose glass or aluminum over plastic when purchasing single-use products while traveling as these are easier to recycle. Look out for recycling specific bins when traveling so your recycling doesn’t go to landfill.
  • To help you find Zero Waste shops throughout New Zealand The Rubbish Trip has a fantastic resource also which is fantastic.
  • Keep it light – Keeping your travel essentials to a bare minimum helps to reduce the amount you take.

    Happy zero waste traveling. Keep Aotearoa beautiful xo