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FOREVER PEGS® - The Best Eco Friendly Clothes Pegs in NZ

Stainless Steel Clothes Pegs are an eco friendly alternative to plastic clothes pegs. They are durable, reusable and they last for a long time. At Bento Ninja we have 2 sizes and grades of stainless steel clothes pegs & sock hangers. But how do you choose the peg for you? Which size do you need and what's the difference between 201, 304 and 316? What does that even mean? Let me explain the world of best, plastic-free and eco-friendly forever pegs to you. 

We have different sizes, different strengths and different quality stainless steel of pegs & sock hangers at Bento Ninja. It all depends on your needs, where you live, what you plan to use the pegs for and how you plan to store the pegs. 

Generally the higher the number of stainless steel the better the quality and less corrosive it is. The bigger the wire diameter the stronger the peg, so it is better for heavier and thicker clothes or in the windy regions.  

Stainless Steel Clothes Peg Guide

Grade 316 MARINE Pegs: One of the toughest stainless steel that won't corrode in even the harshest environment. Marine grade steel is designed for salty conditions so you can leave outside and they won't corrode. These are what we stock and available in 2 sizes. If you live by the ocean or you want to leave the pegs permanently outside without worrying, these pegs are for you. These are definitely the ULTIMATE FOREVER PEGS®!! 

Forever PegsSTANDARD - SS316
Use for everyday items from socks to bath towels. 
Size: 5.7cm x 1.5cm, 1.7mm wire diameter

Forever Pegs TOUGH - SS316 
Use for everyday items from socks, bath towels to denim & jackets.
Size: 5.9 x 1.5cm, 2mm wire diameter

Sock Hanger Rectangle & Round- INDOOR MODEL SS201

This sock hanger is designed to be kept indoors when not in use. Please try to avoid getting it wet or leaving it in high humidity. Wipe and dry immediately if it gets wet.  Leaving it wet or outdoors may result rust. 

Foldable Rectangular Sock Hanger- RUST RESISTANT SS304

This sock hanger can be used outdoors and leave them outdoors occasionally and store under the porch etc, however best to be kept indoors when not in use. Please wipe down occasionally if you live near the oceans or high in sulphur region. Leaving it wet or outdoors in those regions may result rust. 

Marine Grade Peg Hanger Rectangle - RUST PROOF SS316

This peg hanger is rust-proof, designed to be able to use outdoors & indoors. 
You could keep it outdoors if not close to oceans or high in sulphur regions. Bento Ninja still recommends it to be kept when not in use. 


Still can't decide? Or you have a family? You might want to try the "Ultimate Peg Pack". This peg pack contains 2 bags x Forever Peg STANDARD, 2 bags x Forever Peg TOUGH. Total of 80 pegs in various sizes and strengths. You got it all covered!   

These pegs come in 20pegs each in a cotton cloth bag, completely plastic-free. The cotton cloth bags you can reuse as a bulk bin produce bags.

Bento Ninja offers the best plastic-free clothes pegs for fundraisings too. Please contact us via the contact form. 

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1327 reviews
Stainless Steel Toothbrush Holder
Hannah (Palmerston North, NZ)
Awesome holder

Great size, looks good

Stainless Steel Chopsticks 4pair Set
Joanne M (Ashhurst, NZ)
Great product

Love the colours, the durability and the feel when using. So happy with them!

Amazing cups!

Such beautiful cups! I wanted something that wouldn't break when my kids dropped them but weren't plastic, and these were too pretty to pass up. I bought the set of 4, and I always get comments on them. Might buy more in the future!

Excellent lids for thirsty kids

Love this spout. Really good for kids who tend to drink less with the straw lid as the water flows more freely. Just check the cap is done up before you stash it in a bag!

Stainless Steel Spork
Rebecca Bamfield (Auckland, NZ)
Great product

My hubby loves this product for his salads at work and leftovers if in the office. Great sturdy product!