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Rainbow Pegs®- Stainless Steel Marine Grade Clothes Pegs

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Rainbow Pegs®

The famous Marine Grade FOREVER PEGS® are now available in rainbow colour!
Gorgeous and practical a perfect gift idea. 

These MARINE GRADE pegs are made to last forever.
Ultimate FOREVER PEGS.   

This is the grade recommended to use if you live within 500m from the sea. They will NOT get rusty under harsh conditions. 

They even come in the handy & gorgeous reusable cotton cloth bags. You can reuse the bag for buying nuts, seeds, snacks or a small amount of fruit. 

 PVD coating on Stainless steel 316

Size: 5.9cm x 1.5cm, 2mm wire diameter 

20pc in a reusable cotton cloth bag

**Sample pack available, 1 sample pack per product per person please. Sample pack is wrapped in a compostable cellophane bag.

Some profit from Rainbow Pegs® will be donated to Korowai Youth Wellbeing Trust, who work with rainbow young people x

* PVD coating – a spectrum of colour options

Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD) process is more environmentally friendly than alternatives such as electroplating and painting. Unlike these there are no gases, water waste and other residue released. Also important to note is that the colouring process does not limit the recycling value of stainless steel.

The stainless steel’s original texture and structure are not changed however the PVD process not only increases the product’s longevity but also reduces its maintenance. Although it has been used for applications that need to be wear and weather resistant, like door hardware, it is important to say that the colour can be damaged if it is attacked very aggressively and in some instances may not be repairable. PVD lasts longer than other coatings which are a similar thickness.

* Lifetime warranty subject to conditions see warranty page

Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
Laundry pegs

I have replaced all my plastic pegs for these : we have strong winds and the pegs are strong and resilient: and easily seen on the ground: a top product!

Gorgeous Gift

These are a little pricey to want to buy for the day to day, but my mum was so excited to receive these pretty pegs as a gift. They're sturdy and doing their job. Can't comment on the longevity of the colour, but happy with my purchase

grippy, cute and nice to handle

When the rainbow pegs first arrived I loved their design and little bag - showed them to colleagues who also liked the design. The wire is designed so it doesn't catch on stuff, the pegs are firm enough to hold against a strong wind but they don't leave big dents on fabric, and even if you don't have really strong grip strength they are pretty good to handle. Less awkward than plastic pegs which I am always snapping. I reckon these are worth the cost and just fun to use.

Stainless steel pegs

Omg love the pegs thank you so much!

They are amazing don't break and hold all my heavy washing so well!!

Cannot wait to order more

Best pegs, definitely worth it

I first tried these last year and they are so good, this is my third pack of Rainbow pegs. I've been adding to my peg stash as my rubbish plastic pegs die, and now my peg bag is completely Forever pegs and Rainbow pegs. Both are great, I find these Rainbow pegs are even slightly grippier than the marine grade tough Forever pegs, so I use these for bulky stuff such as nappy inserts, and the Forever pegs for more delicate stuff like the nappy covers. I hang everything out on clothes horses too, and both handle the thicker wire without any issue. I have also tried stainless steel pegs from the Warehouse and found their grip was useless in comparison

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Ultimate Ninja Pack
Julz Watchorn (Tauranga, NZ)
Benton Beauty

Awesome addition to my lunch bag
Beautifully crafted and a gem to use thanks team x

Stainless Steel Spork
Julz Watchorn (Tauranga, NZ)

Love this utensil it is crafted well, balanced beautifully and perfect for my meals

Robust pegs forever

I have been delighted with my new stainless steel pegs. We live by the sea so Marine Grade is exactly what I need for this environment. I now have not only black, but all the other colours in your range; including plain stainless steel. I highly recommend them

Great product

Excellent quality - perfect for small things.. My husband loves this as he can easily hang all his socks in one place! Compact but holds lots of items


These were just what I have been looking for - no more broken plastic pegs!