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Chainmail Pot & Pan Scrubber
Frying pan sponge nz
Cast iron pan scourer nz
Frying pan scourer nz
Stainless Steel Chainmail Pot & Pan Scrubber nz

Stainless Steel Pot & Pan Scrubber

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Stainless Steel Chainmail Pot & Pan Scrubber is a revolutionary cleaning gadget!

Scrub & clean your cast iron, stainless steel, and steel pots & pans with the unique chainmail design without scratches and stripping the seasoning.  
Use the scrubber instead of the steel wool cleaner to preserve the tempering of your seasoned cast iron. 
It is easy to hang on a hook near your sink for its next use with ease. 
Built to last as long as your cast iron products. 

    Top tip; pot scrubber is perfect to wash the dirt off the potatoes etc vegetables without damaging the skin :) 

    20 x 15cm
    Stainless Steel 304

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