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stainless steel camp meal plate set nz
stainless steel kids & camp meal plate set nz

Stainless Steel Camping Meal Set

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Are you ready for the upcoming camping season? You have many children who keep breaking your precious china? I've made the value sets for unbreakable stainless steel meal plates & tumbler sets.

Buy once last a lifetime! 

Camping meal set for 2 & 4. 

Camp For 2 includes 2 x Kids & Camping Plates + 2pc SS tumblers 
Usually $60.85, set price of $54.95 with $5.90 discount!  

Camp For 4 includes 4 x Kids & Camping Plates + 4pc SS tumblers 
Usually $121.70, set price of $99.95 That's whopping $21.75 off!! 


* Great for kids meals or camping. Never need to worry about broken plates!

* Quality to last for years: 
Premium quality with sturdy construction using 100% food-grade stainless steel 304. 
This product is free of BPA, lead, toxins, and harmful phthalates. 
Say good-bye to those plastic kids plates!

* Convenient size: 
Plates ; 24.5 x 21 x 3.2cm, 243g 
Tumbler; 300ml 

* Dishwasher safe: 
Safely clean this plate in your dishwasher. 
Not for use in the microwave.

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